The Scents of Summer to See You Into Autumn and Beyond

Have you been wondering what the most popular scented candle fragrances are this season? Well wonder no more as we take a look at our current best-selling candles and candle gift sets, and delve into what’s making these aromas the fragrances of choice right now…

Our five most sought after fragrances are popular for a reason - they’re sweet, fresh and classic, the ultimate additions for adding warmth and creating a relaxing, uplifting mood in any environment.

  1. Mango & Coconut

A taste of the tropics can be brought to your own home with this fruity blend of sweet ripened mango, tangy oranges and warm white coconut, combined with zesty citrus undertones of pineapple, peaches and tropical vanilla.

Due to its all-round continuing popularity, we’ve added our Mango & Coconut scented candle into the following candle gift sets, all available from The Gift Box and all beautifully packaged in a gift box with a tied satin bow.

Check out Sungaze, Silvereyes, Stargaze, Sunmist, Sweetfluff, Jellykiss, Honeyrain and Sweetbeam, plus our Mango & Coconut candle can also be found amongst other fruity and festive fragrances in our Christmas git box collections; Sparklering and Dazzlesheen.

  1. Serene Spa

The ultimate way to create a spa like experience in your own home is with Serene Spa. Its exquisite aroma blends soft, relaxing tones with a sweet and strong scent, perfect when needing to unwind and de-stress.

You’ll find our Serene Spa scented candle in our Sungaze scented candle gift set, as well as in Glitterkiss, Honeyrain and Glitterbeam. Plus in one of our Christmas scented candle gift packs called Dazzlerain.

  1. White Tea

Classic and mildly scented, you’ll never go wrong with the delicate and relaxing scent of white tea. Infused with notes of lemon combined with subtle hints of bergamot and lime, plus soft, warming rose and vanilla, it’s a fragrance that’s not too feminine and therefore loved by everyone.

Our White Tea scented candle can be found in our following gift sets; Sweetbeam, Glitterbeam, Honeyrain, Glitterkiss, Stargaze, Moonmist and Silvereyes, plus in our Christmas collection scented candle gift set, Dazzlesheen.

  1. Pink Peony

Beautiful and blooming, the sweet scent of peony is always uplifting and invigorating. Its fresh floral scent, with romantic and powdery undertones of sugar and juicy apples, will lift the atmosphere in any living space.

Our Pink Peony scented candle can be found in the following gift sets; Silvereyes, Moonmist, Sunmist, Sweetfluff, Jellykiss, Honeyrain, Glitterbeam, Sweetbeam, Honeybeam.

  1. Black Cherries

Transform the atmosphere with luxury and opulence by lighting a rich, enchanting Black Cherries scented candle. The deliciously sweet and indulgent aroma of juicy, ripe black cherries with hints of almond and cinnamon is just ideal for any evening, especially to create cosy nights in the lead up to Christmas.

Find Black Cherries in many of our scented candle sets, including; Sungaze, Sunmist, Sweetfluff, Honeyrain, Glitterbeam, plus in our Christmas gift sets; Sparklering, Dazzlesheen and Honeysheen.

Our Black Cherries scented candle also features in our Christmas Cracker scented candle gift sets; Cracklefrost and Sparklefrost, and also in tealight form in all our Christmas advent calendars.

Alternatively, if you love the rich scent of ripe black cherries just as much as we do, why not opt for the bespoke large Black Cherries scented candle, complete in its own glass jar with lid, and beautifully packaged in a gift box and finished with a tied satin ribbon bow.

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