Trending Fragrances This Season

The burning question we ask ourselves this week is ‘Do fragrances come in and out of fashion, like a trend, at certain times of the year’? In other words, are there sometimes ‘Trending Fragrances’, and if so, what are the current fragrance trends of right now?

Well the answer is sort of. It’s not a definite yes or no, so let us explore and explain further…

OK, so there is an element of various fragrances having their moment of enormous popularity at a certain time of the year, for example our Christmas scents, which include notes of cinnamon, home baked cookies and sweet candy, or the rich and ripe Black Cherry are all favoured as the must-have fragrances in the depths of winter due to their warming, indulgent scents that evoke the spirit of Christmas. These festive inspired scents simply wouldn’t have quite the same effect in the height of hot summers when our thoughts predominately turn to the need for more invigorating, uplifting and refreshing aromas instead.

Also fruity, summer scents such as our Sweet Pea and Lilac Blossom are truly reminiscent of the start of spring, as flowers are getting into full bloom, the days are getting longer and the evenings become lighter.  

So in this sense, yes certain fragrances will certainly trend at different times of the year.

However there will always be staple scents that are powerful at healing, uplifting or de-stressing at any time, such as vanilla and white tea, so these are always going to be required and lusted after all throughout the year. See below for our favourite anytime, always on trend fragrances.


If you’re buying a gift now or very soon, for yourself or a friend, you’ll need to consider when you’ll be using them. We’re assuming summer through to autumn, which means now is the ideal time to tap into the current best-sellers of the moment, which comprise woody, earthy, fruit and floral aromas that are calming and atmospheric.

Also zesty scents packed with fresh with floral overtones are storming the scented candle charts right now.

Here’s some perfect options;

Jellymoon, a set of 3 candle jars consisting of Tropical Fruit, Juicy Strawberries and Watermelon.

Silverglow, a gift of 3 candle jars including Pink Peony, Lilac Blossom and Sweet Pea.  

Jellykiss, 12 candles containing; 1 x Cotton Fresh, 1 x Pink Peony, 1 x Lemongrass, 1 x Guava Nectar, 1 x Blackberry, 1 x Sweet Pea, 1 x Mango and Coconut, 1 x Lilac Blossom, 1 x Watermelon, 1 x Summer Flowers, 1 x Tropical Fruit and 1 x Sea Salt Breeze.

Or Glitterbeam, 16 scented candles including; 1 x Serene Spa, 1 x White Tea, 1 x Lemongrass, 1 x Sweet Jasmine, 1 x Cotton Fresh, 1 x Lilac Blossom, 1 x Blackberry, 1 x Watermelon, 1 x Plush Berries, 1 x Juicy Strawberries, 1 x Sweet Plum, 1 x Tropical Fruit, 1 x Pink Peony, 1 x Sweet Pea, 1 x Black Cherry, 1 x Guava Nectar.



Certain fragrances are reported for being able to aid respiratory irritations and even sometimes minor forms of depression. They’ll also give you a boost and can invigorate the senses.

These aromas include; vanilla, lavender, jasmine, white tea, lemon and mint. Here’s why we love them:

- Vanilla: Calming, relaxing, de-stressing with hints of lemon and cocoa.

Shop our Vanilla Cupcakes Large Scented Candle Jar.

- Jasmine: Sweet and uplifting, Jasmine is the fragrance to aid with depression, relieve stress, promote sleep, relieve headaches and assist with breathing issues and relaxation.

- White tea: Is pure and soothing.

- Lemongrass: Refreshing, instantly uplifting and an effective insect repellent too.

- Mint: Naturally soothing, calming and cooling, refreshing cool peppermint acts as an active, energy-boosting scent.

- Juicy Strawberry: Best for promoting sleep and wellbeing, it also helps to balance hormones.

Here’s some of our sets containing a selection of the must-have always trending fragrances:

Dazzlesheen, a box of 6 votive wax candles containing; 1 x Lemongrass, 1 x Lilac Blossom, 1 x White Tea, 1 x Mango and Coconut, 1 x Sweet Jasmine and 1 x Black Cherry.

Dazzlerain, box of 6 votive wax candles containing; 1 x Sweet Pea, 1 x Lilac Blossom, 1 x Pink Peony, 1 x Summer Flowers, 1 x Plus Berries and 1 x Serene Spa.

Stargaze – a luxurious gift set contains 9 different fragrances; Juicy Strawberries, White Tea, Guava Nectar, Cotton Fresh, Mango and Coconut, Sweet Jasmine, Watermelon, Lemongrass and Tropical Fruit.


Glitterkiss - 1 x White Tea, 1 x Lilac Blossom, 1 x Sweet Plum, 1 x Serene Spa, 1 x Lemongrass, 1 x Blackberry, 1 x Cotton Fresh, 1 x Summer Flowers and 1 x Sea Salt Breeze.

It’s proven that scents can have a direct effect on our limbic system, which affects our serotonin levels, the hormone that make us feel happy, so getting the right aromas for you is important.

If in doubt, a gift set containing all our best sellers is the answer! Check out Honeybeam, Sweetbeam and Glitterbeam.

Happy shopping.