Why Scented Candles Make the Perfect Gift

Looking for a birthday present? Or a wedding gift? Perhaps you’re in urgent need of a ‘thank you’ or ‘thinking of you’ gift for someone special? Whichever it may be, in our humble opinion, there really is no occasion where a scented candle won’t make the perfect present.

Not only are scented candles thoughtful, good value for money, easy to send and small to store, they offer mood-boosting properties, luxurious appeal and harmonious, relaxing qualities.

Candles today are no longer just functional and lit to give off light, there are used to create a romantic atmosphere over a meal, can produce an intimate environment, or chosen as the perfect accompaniment to de-stress whilst enjoying a relaxing bath or good book. 

Scented candles also make the perfect gift thanks to their aromatherapy links, where the fragrance supplied from the candle can, in a similar way to aromatherapy oils, stimulate the senses, act as a healer or awaken the senses. Different fragrances will host different qualities and the various aromas can in turn evoke feelings, emotions and affect the mood of its recipient. For example, uplifting, sweet floral fragrances are renowned for being relaxing, whilst fruity fragrances are invigorating and refreshing.

If you’re unsure which fragranced candle is best to give, why not choose a gift set with various scents included? This takes away all the worry of not selecting someone’s favourite fragrance. Our gift sets will give your someone special the choice of lighting whichever candle they may like to use, at the best times to suit their needs.

So now we can see why scented candles make such a universally great gift, why buy your scented candles or candle gift set from us here at The Gift Box? Well this one’s easy, all of our candles and gift sets come beautifully packaged and presented in exclusive, premium printed gift boxes, each with a bright satin ribbon tied into a luxurious-looking gift bow.

If you don’t believe us, just take a look for yourself at how pretty or enticing these scented candle gift sets look. We believe they are guaranteed to make your chosen loved one (or even yourself) feel really cared for and special thanks to its high-end presentation.

Need a little more inspiration? Here are some of our top recommendations for which scents and sets would make the perfect presents…


Birthdays, thank you gifts or a present for the woman who seems to have everything, the ultimate all-round feminine fragrances loved by all are sweet and fruity scents, exotic aromas, tropical scents and uplifting floral fragrances.  

Get them all in Honeysheen, a gift set containing three quality wax votive candles each in their own classic glass jar in the following fragrances;

  • 1 x Plush Berries
  • 1 x Black Cherry
  • 1 x Sweet Plum.
She’ll also love the pretty purple and pink packaging!  

Alternatively, opt for Silverglow, a set containing three candles including;

  • 1 x Pink Peony
  • 1 x Lilac Blossom
  • 1 x Sweet Pea.


Scented candles allow couples to set a romantic scene or rejuvenate their home, so whether it’s an anniversary present or a new house-warming gift, or simply something so you’re not arriving empty handed to a dinner invitation, these sets are instant crowd pleasers:

A gift pack such as Sungaze, which includes 8 different scented colourful candles including;

  • Summer Flowers,
  • Lilac Blossom
  • Black Cherries
  • Lemongrass, Blackberry
  • Serene Spa, Mango
  • Coconut
  • Juicy Strawberries
  • plus three luxury metallic holders.

Or for a more generous offering, try a pack of 16 candles such as Sweetbeam, which includes;

  • 2 x Mango and Coconut
  • 2 x White Tea
  • 2 x Lemongrass
  • 2 x Sweet Jasmine
  • 1 x Plush Berries
  • 1 x Juicy Strawberries
  • 2 x Sweet Plum
  • 1 x Pink Peony
  • 1 x Sweet Pea
  • 1 x Blackberry
  • 1 x Guava Nectar.


When you’re after that gift with a little extra thought, fragrances such as subtle sweet scents and floral aromas make a thoughtful choice.

You’ll want ones that look good in the home, and smell great too. Clean, minimal, white and pure spring flowers to mind, so why not opt for Dazzlerain, a gift pack of 6 candles containing;

  • 1 x Sweet Pea
  • 1 x Pink Peony
  • 1 x Lilac Blossom
  • 1 x Summer Flowers
  • 1 x Plush Berries
  • 1 x Serene Spa.

This set comes beautifully packaged in a white and shiny gold box.

Or Silverglow, complete with stunning packaging and a gold bow, is ideal as a wedding gift.


If a loved one is in need of cheering up after going through a hard time, or works too hard and could benefit from a little ‘me time’, then the fine fragrance of vanilla is perfect for healing the senses and de-stressing the mind and soul.

Vanilla Cupcakes Large Scented Candle Jar

Good luck choosing that perfect present.

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